In the autism community, there are often considered to be two “sections.”  The high functioning and their parents and the low functioning and their parents.  What I think we often forget is those of us in the middle, too high functioning to be labeled as needing and accommodations in schools but too low to function […]

Why I don’t support autism awareness month

Shocking, I know.  For most families with autistic children, or autistic people ourselves, this time of year is filled with families being excited for autism awareness day/month.  Which, is great.  Good for them. If it makes more people hear about autism than I will agree that it is not a bad thing.  But, that does […]

A letter to the past.

A letter to myself, as I learned who I was. Hello Abby!  I know you are feeling scared right now, but believe me.  You are going to be ok.  I know you just found out that we have autism.  It’s probably scary.  But, believe me, we are going to make it.  Right now, you probably don’t […]

The future

A few days ago, I went to this butterfly terrarium thing.  It was pretty awesome (butterflies are the most calming creatures alive I think).  Anyway, after that, my mom and I went to the little cafe thing.  And I wanted to order ice cream because ice cream is awesome.  And I gritted my teeth.  And […]

When people say I shouldn’t call myself autistic

This has always been, as I am sure you know, a topic of hot debate in the autism world or the world of anything like this really.  Should we be called people with autism, or autistic, or some blend of the two.  Personally (and I understand that this is ONLY my opinion, nobody else’s, that […]


To the family who doesn’t understand my holiday struggles. Hello! The joyous time of winter is upon us again.  This is, as you know, a time filled with family, food, and excitement.  I am sure you have spent months looking forward to this so, seeing me not at all enjoying myself is probably frustrating or […]