Ok, this is about my brother as you probably got from the title.  My brother is 12 years old right now and he has high functioning autism, same as me.  Unlike me, he was diagnosed in about third grade.  He also has very different problems then me.  My biggest issues are just talking to people and making friends, while he spends a lot of time yelling.  Last year, in sixth grade, he was sent from VCMS, our local middle school, to VES.  VES runs out of our local high school and it is for kids who are getting in a lot of trouble.  He didn’t do well there because he constantly was yelling, swearing, and there was some physical confrontations.  Anyway, this year mom was trying to get him back to VCMS full-time but that didn’t go well.  Right now, he is attending a school for people with autism and has been for about a week.  I love my brother.  But sometimes it just seems like he always has to create and cause problems then I seem to get yelled at.  John is awesome at video games and karate and he is incredibly smart and nice.  However, its hard for people to like him because he explodes so easily.  After John was diagnosed, it was like he could do nothing wrong and I hated it.  My parents didn’t even tell me what he had.  I’m not proud of this but one morning I sneaked his diagnosis papers out of an envelope to read.  That’s the first time I ever realized he was different.  Anyway, my parents tell me he is trying and to be nice to him. They don’t know this, but I stopped trying to really have a family a long time ago.  Anyway, thanks for reading .  Gerva


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