My parents

I live with both my parents in a house in Connecticut.  My mom was a scientist but now she helps run my grandparents company, and my dad works with software and computers.  My parents get along incredibly well and I’ve always been happy about that.  However, they have spent a very long time trying get me to be “normal”.  They just recently told me they have known I had autism since I was a little kid but waited to tell me or get me diagnosed till last year for no reason.  Now, I wouldn’t have minded if they hadn’t told me when I was really little however now I feel like they have betrayed me because they basically said oh you have autism then left me to try and learn what that meant for myself.  They never bothered to tell me what that even meant.  Now, I get frustrated at them because they don’t seem to understand that I don’t WANT to be normal.  Maybe I don’t want to be the popular kid who is rude to everyone else.  That’s not who I am and people need to learn to understand that.   Now, don’t get me wrong I love my parents and I know my brother and I aren’t the easiest kids to raise.  However, I was just tired of waiting for them to tell me what this means for my life, so I figured it out for myself.  I figured out that I am one of the lucky ones, that I should be grateful I am so close to what society says I should be.  Except I’m not. Just because I can talk and just because I work hard doesn’t mean I don’t have just as many issues as the next kid.  That doesn’t mean I should have to grow up thinking everything that ever happened was my fault but that’s for another post.  As usual, thanks for reading and I hope you all come back.   Gerva


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