My world

Ok people nice to see you all again.  Sorry about the long break I’ve been crazy busy.  Warning, this will be a long one.

Think about it like this.  Imagine you are sitting by a river and staring down at the water.  See it?  Ok, so imagine you looked out and saw a person struggling in the water, holding on with everything to a branch.  Imagine being locked in place so all you can do is watch as they stare at you, as they scream for help.  Imagine, suddenly, watching another person dive into that river.  Imagine watching someone else save that person and, when they come ashore, them both glaring at you with anger in their eyes over the fact they think you don’t care.  But imagine spending that whole time begging your body and your mind to allow you to dive into that river.

New analogy.  Imagine you are lost in a giant maze.  Imagine with every turn you make following the map you have, the map changes and you cant find where you are on it so you just keep making turn after turn after turn.  Every now and then a person will show up and walk with you for a time, but they always leave as fast as they come.  Then, imagine you finally reach the center of the maze only to find out it is worse then the place you were leaving.  Imagine finding it full of those people, the ones who had walked with you for a time only to leave you alone again.  Imagine having every person turn their backs to you and ignore you except one or two.  Imagine those people coming forward, and all of you returning to that maze together.  Imagine having those people walk in your shoes, and see the things you have seen.

There is a reason I don’t try harder to not have people hate me and it is this:  There are people in this world who, no matter what we do, will always see people like me as less then them and those are not people too waste my time thinking about.  Better to spend that time with the few who will turn around with you and help you back through that maze or that river.  Any questions  feel free to leave a comment and as always thanks for reading.  Gerva


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