Schools and Bullys

Ok guys another long one coming sorry but this needs to get out there

Ok.  Autism in schools.  Definitely a very controversial topic but since you only ever seem to hear it from parents, figured I should at least try to explain it the way I see it.  I go to my school not because I have to but because I genuinely want to learn and get more information so I can be successful.  Anyway, every time I go to school it turns from a good thing to torture within the first hour.  Usually, for the most part, it is just muttered comments and being ignored.  Then, all hell breaks loose with being pushed, poked, shoved, called names, and yelled at almost constantly.  And this is why there has become a stereotype in our world that people with autism are “different” then them and that under that logic it is ok for people to do whatever they want to us because they don’t think we can understand what they are doing.  They don’t get that just because we might not speak, or we might not look you in the eyes doesn’t mean that we are ANY less then them or their kids who find a joy in making us feel that we are.  So people out there with kids, PLEASE educate your children.  please show them that we aren’t what they think we are and that we do not deserve the treatment they give us.  And teachers, please look around your room.  Please don’t isolate us.  Making us feel different will always cause other to treat us differently.  Just look past the fact we have autism and just see US who ever we might be under it.

Now, I’m not saying that no teacher ever does anything. Many of them do. It just always seems like there is one or two who just don’t seem to hear the people who are mean.  Thanks.


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