Ok, a friend of mine gave me the idea for this post.  We were talking about how we like reading, and I mentioned the fact I read upwards of ten books a week some weeks, so I decided to explain why I love reading so much.

Ok, I know this will sound like what everyone says, but I love books because they take me out of the fact that I am a 14 year old with autism and they let me little pieces of the rest of the world.  When I read a book, I can see the opinions of other people and other places and figure out how the world works.  When I open up a book, I get to examine the slightly different way we all think.

Reading also helps me in one more way.  It lets me learn to write, so I can put my heart out into this writing and use every ounce of my emotion and my passion and my drive to try, just a little, to show the world how growing up with autism is made so hard, not by autism itself but by the people in the world who choose to make it about autism.

Some day in the future I would like to write a book about people like me with autism.  I plan on trying to show the world that we can NOT be denied our basic rights, and we can NOT be treated like we deserve any less then any other person in the world.  Right now every book about people with autism just does more harm then good.  They make us seem different because that is the point of those books, to explain what autism CAN be like..  But what they never do is explain, really explain, what autism is like for those of us who only have social problems.  When kids read those books, they will see that people are “weird” or different or even, as some of the books include, “retarded,”  and all that does is approve people treating others with so little respect. People need to understand that kids do what they are taught, and they are taught from reading some books that we are different or that we are worse then they are.

Anyway, books are awesome 🙂  thanks again for reading. Gerva.


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