The title gives every ounce of meaning to what this is about.  Pure and simple, this is the hardships and the joys of friendship.

I will say right now, every person who tries so hard to be friends with someone like me has my upmost respect.  I know it isn’t easy.  I know how hard it can be.

Last year, I met a couple of great people.  And im not calling them great just because they were, and are, my friends.  I call them great because they are quite possibly the kindest people in the world.  These aren’t just people who you hang out with and chat with.  They both are true, honest people.  They are also some of the most tolerant 14 year olds in the world.

Example time.  Last year, we all sat together during lunch.  We had been working on a project in Spanish one day and somehow it turned into a fight, probably the worst we had all year.  Anyway, I was the first o us in the lunchroom, and I sat down where I always did.  When J came in (don’t have permission to use names sorry), she just looked at me for a moment and then went to sit with our other friend, M, and a couple of other people.  I sat there, surrounded by people who were always mean and always hated me.  At the time, I was miserable.  The three of us basically avoided each other for the rest of the day.  That night, I went home and I lay there in tears.  And that’s when my brain finally caught up with what I already knew.  It finally figured out that people wont always stay around people who are mean to the.  I admit it.  That day, I was mean.  Then, the next day, when we went to lunch I sat down at my table.  And then, they came in.  And, without even hesitating, came over and sat down.

At the time, I was just happy that I hadn’t ruined our friendship.  But now I understand it more.  Now I understand that J and M didn’t have to ever come back.  Now I understand how they are quite honestly the kindest people I have met. They taught me a lot about myself that I don’t know I ever would have found.

Oh, and this is the most amazing part.  These two are two of three kids I know who know I have autism.  But now I realied that even before they knew that, they still stuck up for me, and they still helped me more then I could ever repay.

So thank you, J and M.  Thank you for showing me how to not be a victim of my autism.  Thank you more then I could say.  Gerva


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