All right.  I will tell you now how much I LOATHE the word pity.  To pity something implies that that thing or person is less then you.  To pity someone means that for some reason they somehow are not worth as much as you.

I do understand.  I get why people pity the guy rolling down the street in a wheelchair.  I understand why people pity the mother with a son with down syndrome.  I feel for the mom with the two kids with autism.  But I also feel for US.  We don’t want your pity.  We don’t need to be told we are less then you, that we have something wrong with us because that just cements what the world already says.  Instead of giving us pity, give us strength.  Instead of telling us we are worth less, tell us we are worth just as much as everyone else.

I understand that it is in human nature to feel anyone who isn’t perfect is automatically less then we are.  I understand that people are wired to think that we ARE less.  And today I suffered from and example of that.

In the morning my mom feels the need to tell me a million times to do stuff.  Its like, get dressed.  Go get dressed.  Have you gotten dressed yet, etc etc.  Anyway, today I got annoyed and told her she was treating me like I am an idiot.  And my dad looked straight at me and said, maybe you are an idiot.  I ran away from him, crying because he is my dad.  He is supposed to help me and love me not hurt me so bad.  And then I thought a little and I do, sort of, understand it.  I know the life my parents have with my brother isn’t easy.  I know they wish we were a normal family.  But I also sort of wish they understand that isn’t going to happen.  I sort of wish they would get that this is me.  I just don’t have the courage to tell them that.  Gerva


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