This year

After last year’s bullying in school, I had reason to be worried about this school year.  I started high school nine days ago.  And so far, it has been the best start to school I have had probably ever, but at least in a long, long time.  I have had a lot of decent moments so far in these nine days, but there was one that really I remember.  The first day, my dad dropped me off and I stood there looking at the people around me who all knew each other and were so happy to see each other after the summer.  They were joking and laughing and playing around and, since I haven’t been in my district in three years, (And when I was it wasn’t exactly good) i had no one to greet or talk to at all really.  So I was standing there, gaging threat levels of people and basically trying to not end up near people who in the past had been mean to me. And there was a girl, standing off to one side.  Watching everyone else, alone.  Same as me.  So..I went over to her (After about ten or fifteen minutes of convincing my head she probably wasn’t evil.)  And we talked.  We must’ve spent ten, fifteen minutes talking.  Just talking.  and….we have a lot of the same past.  She reminds me of me in just about every way possible.  We both have hurt before.  But we are both here now.  We…We’ve become friends,  I haven’t had a friend in a really long time.  That first day…it was freshman orientation day.  We all were in the cafe eating our lunch, and she came over and sat with me.  We have one class, VOAG (agriculture) together, and we sit and joke together.  We eat lunch together on the days when we have it.  We walk together to classes (Which probably looks odd as she is a foot and a half shorter than me).  We are the people who are usually alone in this place.  But…here we aren’t entirely alone. Here we at least each have one other person who won’t bully us or who won’t hurt us.  We both have something we haven’t had in several years.  We have a friend.  I did not expect to have a friend this year.  I went into it expecting to be alone.  So, not being alone…it feels liberating in a sense.


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