Oh dear brother of mine

Dear people my brother is attending school with:

Hi.  You people are lucky enough to be going to school with my brother this year.  I hope you find him to be as awesome a kid as I do.  If you don’t know, my brother is a funny, incredibly smart, animal-loving kid.  He also happens to have autism.  Please, don’t let this define how you treat him for these next like nine months.  He has had a lot of bad experiences in school, and I hope this year this will change for him.  He has so much in common with all of you.  Please see that, and not the differences.

1: He loves video games

What kid doesn’t right!  My brother can spend hours talking about half the games in existence, and he’s always up to play a game with people.  Great thing to have in a friend in my opinion.

2: He is beyond loyal

My brother isn’t one to betray his friends.  When people have earned his trust and respect like I hope many of you do, you have a friend and an ally forever.  He’ll defend anyone who tries to harm one of his friends, which I think we can all truly respect

3: He is smart

My brother has issues with trying his hardest in school sometimes, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know the material.  In fact, he almost always does.  He knows almost everything there is to know about battles and is a voracious reader.  If you need help on a social studies assignment or a book review, he’s your person!

4: He is honest

My brother is not, and never will be, a bully, or cruel at all.  He is kind to people who are kind and good to him.  He really follows the saying treat others the way you want to be treated by treating everyone exactly as they treat others.  If he is upset or mad at someone, he more than likely has a good reason

See, he doesn’t sound like such a bad person does he. Oh, I forgot the most important and awesome thing about him

5: He is the best little brother in the whole world.

He is incredibly awesome.  Him and I play video games together and we laugh and joke around and just….are.  He sticks up for me and I for him.  He is my best friend.

So, when you see my little brother in school this year, please don’t look at him like he is different.  He really is just the same as everybody else in the world.


A big sister to the best brother ever.


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