A story

I think I have figured out why I am enjoying writing this story so much (its the one I posted like two weeks ago).  This story is, in a way, me.  The way the main character, Marlina, acts is and thinks is my way of showing my emotions.  I’d post the story here…but its at something like 4500 words so…not sure thats the best idea haha.

Anyway, this morning my mom and my dad got mad at me because I have a lot of books in my backpack so I can read when I finish work in class or on the bus or whatever.  Apparently I should sit and stare at a wall rather than read in class.  This is something I seriously have never understood, and nobody seems too eager to explain it to me.  Why is doing nothing considered to be a better idea than reading and being productive with my time? It makes so, so little sense to me.  If the choice is between doing nothing or doing something I will always choose something.  Why don’t others agree with me on that.


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