Humanity (again)

I have been wondering a lot on the top of humanity again recently.  When you google humanity, the definition is four different things, but the only one that I think matters in this discussion is “the quality or condition of being human; human nature.”  That is basically the dictionary’s really oddly worded way of saying humanity is how humans act and are.  That is very different from my last definition of the word, which was simply BEING human.  Reading the technical definition of the word humanity got me thinking.  That definition is basically saying that human nature is the definition of humanity.  Think about human nature for a moment for me.  How do humans act.  We aren’t exactly the…kindest species in the world.  Not even close.  As I walk down the halls, every single day I hear people insulting people and using derogatory terms and language and not ever realizing or acknowledging it.  Simply put, people do not recognize that this way of talking and acting is wrong.  People do not understand how it hurts people.  They don’t think it can.  But it does.  It always will.  When you talk about people in a sense where you are minimizing them or who they are it is insulting.  When you are “joking” and using the R-word or the N-word, you don’t think twice of it.  Nobody does because it has become tradition.  All the way back to when our country was segregated.  I feel…that we are still segregated.  Maybe not by race, though I would still argue we very much are, but by other things.  People who are perceived, by our societies standards, to be “worse” or “different” are never going to be treated the same as people who are seen as normal.  We aren’t treated the same.  We never will be.  I am an autistic, messed-up fourteen year old kid.  By the jury of my peers I will never be the same.  By the jury of MYSELF I will never be the same.  And I don’t think that is fair.  To be judged on the genetic material that make us up is to judge us on the tiniest part of our being.  And that tiny part, when all it does is determine WHAT we are, is not who we are.  It is not all of our being.  It is only some of our being.  So, when we are judged for our hair or our skin or our brain…it is just unfair.  Why do they treat people like me like they do simply because some small part of our brain or our genetics or WHATEVER the hell it is different from what they expect us to be.  I wonder how they expect us to be.  I can’t figure it out.  Not every person in the people who ARE thought of as normal are the same.  Most of them aren’t even the same.  But yet, those differences are fine.  So what is the difference between those differences and the differences between me and them.  Why are some differences OK while others are the cause of cruelty and pain.  I don’t understand that. I’m not sure anyone does.


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