All right.  Humanity.  This is an EXTREMIELY large topic so hopefully I can cover it well.

I find humanity is an interesting idea.  I find that when people think of humanity, they often think of it as something good, as something important.  And it IS important, since humanity is US.  Humanity is just like what it sounds like.  Humans.  But that doesn’t make it a good thing.

This is not a good world.  I know that is what people don’t say.  I know for some this world may be good.  But it isn’t.  How can a world be good when all you hear about is murder, death, destruction, and pain?  Humanity doesn’t just mean humans, it means COMPASION.  It does not mean treating every person in the world exactly the same.  I get it.  That is impossible.  However, it DOES mean treating every single person with respect.  It means seeing the man with a cane and giving up your seat on the bus.  It means nodding the mom with two screaming kids.  It means not discriminating against the woman in a burqa walking down the road.  It means not looking at the guy with tattoos and deciding who he is before he does.  But mostly, humanity just means BEING human in the way you treat each and every person.

But at this point, I don’t know that being human is a good thing.  I just don’t.  The way we as a race now decide that some of our people deserve to be it, kicked, teased, bullied, or even killed is ridiculous.  We as a people are only as united and only as strong as the biggest traitors or the weakest man.  And when we as a people decide that that is untrue, that we are stronger then those people that is what CAUSES them to be cruel.  That is what causes the most frightened man not to strike back.

Now don’t let me make you think there is noting in our humanity that is good.  No part of that statement is true.  While we as a people and as a kind do have so many things we need to work on, it is good to see that we also are KIND to people still.

The example of goodness in our world I use is a simple one.  I use the simple way of how people in the world WILL help each other.  MAybe we don’t do it right but we do help. We do see the fire and call 9-1-1. We do hear the gunshots and call the police. But we don’t use that kindness to STOP the gunshots, or the fires, or the pain. Just because we are scared doesn’t mean we should live our lives in a blind fear of the things we don’t know or like or understand. Maybe instead of watching, we should close our eyes and step out of fear.

  So maybe, just maybe, next time you see a guy who’s kid is seizing, or you see a woman with two screaming kids, don’t judge them. Don’t decide whAt they do and do not deserve.  And maybe next time you see a person, just be kind. Don’t judge every person in the world by the simple way our society has made people judge. Don’t say that because some one is less then you they don’t deserve what you have.  Don’t say that a person who knows less, or is less able to do things deserves ANY less then you do. Thank you.  Gerva.


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