Me (And the world)

Ok guys this post is exactly what it sounds like.  It is about me and my experiences leading me to trying to get more people to see the world the way I do.  Oh, and I fully acknowledge not every person has had these experiences, this is simply what I have seen and felt.

Ok.  My experiences with the world have shown me a lot.  They have shown me that, in the world, there is a LOT of happiness.  However, I have also seen a lot of pain.  I have spent a lot of my life around people who hated me and scorned me.  I also have spent a lot of time around people who have decided that because of my autism I am less than they are and I deserve less than they do.  I find that unfair because if you look at the world right now, you will see so much pain and so much hate in the eyes of the world that the fact people would TRY to create more hate seems absurd to me.

Alright, for an article about ME this could use something a little less depressing I think.  My favorite creatures in the world are dogs for one simple reason.  Dogs love unconditionally, even when they are scared or hungry or hurt, they almost always will still show love in its purest form to people.  They help to show me that there is a lot of love in the world even if we have to go beyond our race or people to find it.

Now, in the world.  If you go and turn on the news you will definitely hear about a war, or a battle, or an attack or whatever.  I find this incredibly sad.  I don’t understand why we cant just learn how to accept every person in the world.  I understand that nations and countries are never all going to get along perfectly.  People have different ideas and we do have to understand that.  However, are there not ways to solve conflicts that do not lead to violence?

I also think that the way we discriminate against people is ridiculous.  You hear all the time now how people who or gay, or transsexual, or bisexual are discriminated against.  I don’t understand why with so much pain in the world we as a nation can not just allow people to truly be happy if they have the opportunity to do so.

Ok, I know I said this was about me but maybe I should change it to be about the world.  Guess that’s just who I am, a person who will care about the people around her before she cares about herself.  Thanks.  Gerva.


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