A letter

To the parents who don’t understand me during the holidays: I don’t blame you.  That’s what I want to say first.  I do not blame you for not understanding how I feel because I do not understand it half the time.  I do not blame you for saying I am rude, or for  getting angry […]

To the teens

To the teenager who was just diagnosed with high functioning autism, I would first like to say welcome to the club, with some of the greatest people you’ll probably ever know. Believe me, I know how you feel right now. You’re probably feeling really overwhelmed right now. Which is completely ok. I went home after […]


I don’t like holidays. I know, I’m probably the only 14 year old in America who says they don’t like Christmas or thanksgiving or whatever but its the truth. And it isn’t even for the reason I know you all are probably thinking. It isn’t because of the noise or the smells or the amount […]

Humanity (again)

I have been wondering a lot on the top of humanity again recently.  When you google humanity, the definition is four different things, but the only one that I think matters in this discussion is “the quality or condition of being human; human nature.”  That is basically the dictionary’s really oddly worded way of saying humanity […]

A story

I think I have figured out why I am enjoying writing this story so much (its the one I posted like two weeks ago).  This story is, in a way, me.  The way the main character, Marlina, acts is and thinks is my way of showing my emotions.  I’d post the story here…but its at […]

The debates

In software applications, we had to write a response to an article.  I went with the Washington Post’s coverage of the presidential candidates debate on autism.  I went with that because of how stupidly insane these opinions are (I think I’ve given you all my opinion on them before).  I mean, how is he getting […]


I have discovered a new thing that annoys me (Almost) more than sympathy or pity: when people say oh,at least it isn’t that bad…That frustrates me to no end because it minimizes the struggles of people by comparing them to the struggles of others.  You wouldn’t tell a person with cancer oh at least its only cancer […]